29th May 2018
On this page we explain which personal data we collect from you and what this data is used for by us.
When you subscribe to the newsletter, you tell us your forename, email address, and your IP address (specific to your computer).


* Any computer or device connected to the Internet is assigned an IP address (Internet Protocol). IP addresses are generally allocated in blocks for each country. It is therefore possible to identify the country, region and town in which the computer is connected to the Internet. As websites inevitably have to use IP addresses in order for the Internet to work, website owners have access to the IP addresses of their users, and we only use these to ensure the security of our website and services, and to know which region of the world our users come from (this is called “IP-based geolocation”).


Ces données sont stockées par la société AWEBER Communications, qui héberge la newsletter (son rôle est donc de mettre à notre disposition des formulaires d’inscription à la newsletter que nous pouvons ensuite intégrer sur notre site internet, elle stocke la base de données de tous les inscrits à la newsletter et nous fournit le programme qui nous peThis data is stored by the company that hosts the newsletter, AWEBER Communications (their role is to provide us with subscription forms to the newsletter that we are then able to include on our website. They store the database of all subscribers to the newsletter and supply us with the program which enables us to generate newsletter messages and send them to all those subscribed). AWEBER Communications also abides by the international laws in effect on the protection of privacy, both European and non-European. We have in fact chosen them for the quality of data protection which they provide, and their commitment to comply with international laws on privacy, especially European laws.
You will find their privacy policy here. It is also possible to access your personal data via the AWEBER website.
What do we do with your data? We send you the newsletter and that is it! Having your forename makes it possible for us to personalise the newsletter messages, and your email address is used, well, to send you emails! For anything else, we do not touch this data, nor do we use it, and we of course do not sell, transfer or share it with anybody!
We also have statistical tools that make it possible for us to know which country subscribers to the newsletter come from, for example, or the percentage of emails that we send which are opened. These statistics do not make it possible to identify you, they are only used by us to improve the quality of messages that you receive.
We manage the newsletter in order to offer you the best possible experience while keeping your data safe. However, if you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter, all you need to do is click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link, which can be found at the very bottom of each email that you receive about the newsletter. You will then no longer receive emails from us, and the data collected will disappear from the database after 30 days.


When you place an order via our website, we collect data enabling us to proceed with the delivery of your order, and to contact you in the event of any issue with delivery, or in order to make an appointment for delivery. This data is made up of your name and surname, your delivery address, email address, telephone number and your payment details.
This data is EXCLUSIVELY used for sending your order, and is not used for anything else. We do not use the data for marketing purposes, nor is it used to contact you in any way other than to ensure your order has been successfully delivered. We of course will not pass this information on to anybody else.
Some of this data is stored as we are legally required to do so for our accounting. However, we only store your name and surname, address, email address and telephone number, and we do not store your payment details under any circumstances.
Should you place your order through Paypal, or another Internet payment service provider, we shall receive the same information from them with the exception of your payment details, to which we do not have access. If this is the case, in addition to our confidentiality and respect for privacy policy regarding the personal data that we receive, and which is only stored for our accounting after delivery of your order, it will be the relevant payment service’s privacy policy which is applied to the data that they collect.
To reassure you, we would like to strongly emphasise that we only work with service providers who comply strictly with the legislation in effect, both in Europe and countries outside the European Union. You will find Paypal’s privacy policy here. Amazon Europe’s privacy policy can be found here.


Our site uses cookies which don’t make it possible to identify you. You accept by visiting the site that we use cookies. These cookies only make it possible to analyse the visit statistics of the website’s various webpages, and to see where in particular these visits are coming from.
We use them to interpret whether certain webpages from the website can be improved in order to give our visitors the best possible user experience.
We do not store any data related to cookies, and we only consult the statistics supplied by Google Analytics, which also do not contain any personal data allowing you to be identified.
Furthermore, we do not use any of this data for advertising or marketing purposes.
The use of cookies here also complies with both European and non-European laws with regards to the protection of privacy. You can access Google Analytics, who handle the statistical data, and their privacy policy here.
Additionally, here is the page which explains the method to change your privacy settings on Google if you wish to restrict the information you share, and the use of this data. Just click here.


If you have the slightest question regarding your personal data, or the protection of your privacy, please feel free to contact us at the following email address:
PRB Dressage sprl
Rue des Anciens Etangs, 40
1190 Bruxelles
Thank you for placing your trust in us!

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